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1.20.10 has arrived. This patch focuses on refinements to chat and the competitive experience, and updates a console or two.

Features & Improvements 

  • Players will now be notified when their turn rate changes in game
  • Updated Protoss console art
  • BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders now have a special console that can be enabled!
  • Chat history “+” functionality has been reworked to include a UI dialog, and exclude normal lobby chat
  • Fixed issues related to chat messages between players

Bug Fixes


  • Text appears correctly on UMS maps with custom unit names as UTF8 after saving and loading
  • The shield damage effect appears on top of the Nexus with the preorder skin enabled
  • Korean characters now display as normal when SD graphics are enabled

  • The correct Map Preview image appears when Joining/Quick Joining a lobby after previously selecting a different Map
  • Using command /f lo now displays friends that are online with their Profile name
  • Cloud settings now preserve defaults if the player doesn't modify them
  • Right click player reporting is now fully localized