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Build 8965

New Features

We're giving you more control over the types of friend connections you can make in the Blizzard App. You may now send and accept friend requests using BattleTag or Real ID.

  • Friend requests now show where they originated, making it easier to remember how you met your potential new friend.

You can now see comments your viewers make on your Facebook stream while you are in game!


  • Minimum spec detection is smarter now. It detects when you are running in compatibility mode, and if your OS meets minimum specs. Upgrades will be suggested to avoid compatibility issues in the future, but it won't prevent you from launching your games.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause friend requests sent from the Facebook Friend Finder to be sent to the wrong friend in rare cases.
  • Opening embedded YouTube videos externally should no longer cause them to open twice in your default web browser.

Known Issues

  • If the overlay for streaming status and comments is located on the bottom edge of the screen, then there may be a minor graphical jump when comments appear.
  • Emojis in a Facebook comment may not display correctly in the streaming overlay for some OS versions.