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Build 8385


Suggested Friends

  • Suggested Friends will provide users with new and easy ways to make new friends on
    • Facebook Friend Finder will allow users who have linked their Facebook account with their account to find and add them as friends.
    • Mutual Friends (Friends of Friends) will also be displayed in the new Suggested Friends section.
    • Recently Played With players will be gathered from recent games you have played with people that aren't currently your friends.
      • Currently only Diablo is supported, but we plan to expand this to other games in the future!

Friends List Improvements

  • We are adding new options for how your friends are displayed and grouped on the Friends List:
    • All friends currently playing a game can be toggled to appear at the top of the Friends List and will be grouped alphabetically, by game title.
    • You can choose to show both BattleTag and Real ID for your friends.
    • You can now ungroup your favorite friends. Ungrouped favorite friends will be displayed with a star next to their name.
    • Added an option in the Friends & Chat section of settings that will allow you to hide Real ID friend's real names from various parts of the App.

Facebook Streaming Improvements

  • We have changed the way in which Facebook accounts are linked to accounts. Linking now goes through Account Management.
  • This will allow you to automatically enable Facebook Streaming and Facebook Friend Finder for linked accounts from anywhere you log into the Desktop App.
  • Note: Users that have previously used Facebook Streaming will need to link their Facebook account to their account in order to stream again. Click on the Streaming icon to begin the linking flow.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing category names to not be properly localized in the region selection.
  • Fixed and issue causing key binding to be lost when restarting the Desktop App if using a mouse button for Push-to-talk.