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Build 8142


Voice Chat

  • The Microphone activity meter in Voice Chat Settings will only show activity when a voice chat or microphone test is active.
  • Added "None (Disable Microphone)" to input devices.
    • When this option is selected, the microphone will be disabled but you will still be able to hear other people if you participate in a voice chat.
    • The Microphone Volume slider will be locked and will not reflect or change your computer's control panel mic volume.
    • Test Microphone, Transmission Mode, and Toggle Mute Key will be grayed out and locked.
  • Microphone mute status will now display in the channel window so that others will know if you have muted or disabled your microphone.
    • The first time you are in a voice channel with a disabled microphone, there will be a notification reminding you that your mic has been disabled and that you must select an input device for others to hear you. Once you dismiss the notice it will not appear again.
  • The Microphone Volume control in Voice Chat Settings reflects your computer's control panel mic volume.
    • The App will always reflect the existing control panel settings on start-up.
    • The App will only change mic volume if you manually adjust the volume.
  • The App will only register and transmit voice data from your microphone when you are engaging the mic in an active channel, such as pressing the Push-to-Talk button or using Open Mic.
    • If you are using Push-to-Talk but are not pushing the activation key, the App will not transmit data from your mic.

Bug Fixes

  • Auto update settings should no longer be reset after launching a game from a desktop shortcut.