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Build 7477


Embedded Account Creation

  • Players new to Blizzard will have the option to Create a Free Account on the App Login screen.
  • Players can use this to create a account without leaving the App, so they can quickly and easily join friends who are ready to play!

Unified Authentication

  • 2 factor authentication is now only prompted on the first login on the same computer (unless account options are set to prompt for 2FA on every login).
  • Support has been added for Email Verification and SMS login challenges.
  • Support has been added to allow for upcoming one-button authenticator. 

Recommended Region

  • Streamlined region suggestions and selections for the "Help Me Decide" option on the Login screen.
  • Automatically shows up for first-time players in specific countries to minimize confusion when selecting a region.


  • Added an option to disable browser hardware acceleration to login settings and general settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the chat box could remain disabled after being removed and re-invited.
  • Fixed an issue where the WoW Starter Edition in EU would incorrect request an update.
  • Fixed an issue where the App would crash if the player restarts it while the Scan for Games window is open.
  • Scan and repair should now properly report whether a repair was performed or not.

Known Issues

  • Unified Authentication may not function properly on networks that are behind a proxy.
  • The client can be unstable on Windows XP.
  • Crashes may occur more frequently than on other operating systems.
  • Changing your monitor resolution may require an App restart.