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Build 12803

Welcome to the new

Those users who participated in our Beta should already be familiar with the new look and feel, including some ideas and suggestions taken directly from your feedback. Thank you. Since we're still improving the app every day, please keep the feedback coming!

For those of you who are experiencing’s new bells and whistles for the first time - We're glad you're here and we hope you like what we've done with the app!

So, What's New?

Improved Game Library

Personalize your game navigation by adding and removing titles from your favorites bar. Discover your next can't-put-down game using the 'All Games' menu. Customize and monitor your installs using the download manager, download scheduling, and selective install.

Improved Accessibility Support

You can now use the tab, arrow, and enter keys to navigate through without a mouse and utilize screen reader support. We've also made some changes to increase legibility for colorblind users. There's always room for improvement in making sure our app is accessible and easy for all users--we would love to keep hearing from you through the in-app feedback or at [email protected].

Friendlier Friends List

Keep an eye on what your friends are playing so you can hop right into the action or join them in their conquests for glory. Don't miss your friendiversary again this year--on hover, you can now view the "friends since" date for each of your friends.

New Avatars

We added new avatars celebrating the Women of WoW, Blizzard Arcade, and Crash Bandicoot. Update your avatar to join in the fun, and check back soon for more updates!


Stay in the know with the latest articles, updates, and videos for your favorite games, right inside the app, thanks to the improved news feeds for every game.