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Build 12135


We've been hard at work making more accessible than ever before and are excited to share our current progress in making Keyboard Navigation and Screen Reading a reality for all users. While we're still testing these features and adding functionality across the app, getting feedback from users early and often is key in the process, so we're looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

Keyboard Navigation

You can now use the tab, arrow, and enter keys to navigate through without needing a mouse.

Screen Reading

On-screen text and visual information, like game icons, can now be read by a screen reader. We hope that this makes the App a little more epic for more of our users!

Send us feedback in app or email the accessibility team at [email protected]. As always, thank you for helping us as we make the experience better for everyone!

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with the Play button remaining in an "Updating" state after the game was playable. 
  • Fixed an issue where Add-a-Friend dialog would take a long time to load
  • Articles would occasionally fail to load when reloading the Games tab. 
  • Fixed issue where an orange focus box would always appear on the Chats and Groups pop-out