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Welcome to the Blizzard app open beta!

Thank you for being some of the first users to experience our beta program. In the future, you can expect to see early debuts of in development features, help stress test new systems, and give feedback.

All players will have the ability to set your status to Appear Offline!

For players in the Americas region, additional new features are now available for you and your friends to try: the Social tab, Blizzard Groups, Profiles, and Avatars.


You probably noticed we added a new tab labeled Social. This is going to be your one-stop-shop for managing all your various social interactions. From whisper messages to a friend, multi-chats, and our new Blizzard Groups, you will easily be able to pick up where you left off in all your conversations!

Blizzard Groups

Blizzard Groups are the new social home for players on Players can create and join Groups based on their common interests. There, they can keep in touch, share strategies, and catch up on conversations they might have missed while offline.

Each Group can have multiple text and voice chat channels, and Group administrators have a variety of tools to help manage membership, send out invitation links, and more.

The Groups beta is available now in the Americas region. Head to the new Social tab to get the party started!


Let the Blizzard world know a little bit more about you by customizing your profile!

Your profile will allow you to: select an avatar, share what’s on your mind with an About section, add links to where people can find you on social media, and more! You can also view profiles of other players if you're curious about a pending friend request, or what games a friend plays.

Players using the beta in the Americas region can customize their profile by opening their BattleTag drop down menu on either the main screen of the app or in the friends list.

Appear Offline

Appear offline allows you to set your status to show you as “offline” to your Blizzard friends while remaining connected to This means you can launch the app and game away without distraction.

Appearing offline will show you as offline to everyone in your Blizzard friends list. Once you have joined a game, the experience of appearing offline might be slightly different depending on which game you are playing. For example, if you’re set to appear offline in World of Warcraft, your guildmates will see your character come online and enter WoW’s in-game chat channels, and anyone who has you as a character-level friend will see you online on their friends list. Everyone outside of the same game as you will not see you online or playing any games.

Do you see a friend that is offline but you really want to send them a message while it’s on your mind? You can now send offline friends messages and they will receive them the next time they come online! While appearing offline you can still send and receive messages in the app, but it is up to you when you want to respond.

We will occasionally remind you that you are still in this status in case you happened to have forgotten. If you really want to stay appearing offline, you can continue to do so from the reminder dialog. Games are always better with friends, but sometimes it’s also nice to have some privacy.

We know a lot of you have been looking forward to big updates like this, and we’re excited to roll them out and get your feedback. Thanks for helping us out!

Build 9462

Known issues

  • Some games may not allow messaging players that are appearing offline.
  • You may find yourself in a state where you can't join voice channels after being removed from a channel or testing are your mic. To resolve this you will need to restart the app. We are currently working on a fix, sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Clicking an invite link to join a group is still in progress. Currently, it will take you to the Blizzard download page. To join a group via an invite link, copy and paste it into the join group dialog.