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All Builds

Beta Build 7883


Quality Settings

  • A quality selection drop down has been added to the Streaming Settings.
  • The default option was updated to Medium (720p, 30 FPS, 3.0 Mpbs).

Publish To Pages

  • Facebook Pages are now supported for Streaming.
  • In order to publish to a page you manage, select "A Page I manage..." from the "Share To" section of the Streaming Control Panel.
  • You will have to add permissions to allow Blizzard Entertainment access to your pages.
  • After that, you should see the list of pages you manage in the "Pages" section of the Streaming Control Panel.
  • To go back to Streaming from your Timeline, you'll have to switch the selection in the "Share To" dropdown back to "My Timeline"

Capture System Sounds 

  • The sound settings have been updated to show "Capture system sounds" as an option. The default setting is unselected. If you'd like to capture system wide sound with your stream, you'll need to select the checkmark to enable the setting.
  • Note: Please ensure you are not playing copyrighted material during your stream, or Facebook will take down your video. 

In-game Overlay

  • We added the option to set the location, and disable the in-game overlays in the Streaming settings.
  • You can select from predefined locations or set a custom location.

Stream Paused Display on Facebook

  • When the stream is paused, either by using the pause button on the Streaming Control Panel or via the hotkey, viewers on Facebook will be informed by a "Stream Paused" notice (while your stream is paused no audio or video is sent).


  • All previously saved user streaming settings have been reset to the default values.
  • Optimizations have been made to improve performance.
  • Various and sundry bug fixes.

Known Issues

  • Streaming is not available for Mac at this time.
  • The webcam can't be used for streaming if it's in use by another application.
  • Games may experience a slightly lower frame rate while streaming.
  • Watching your own stream on Facebook with the Capture system sounds option selected may create a feedback loop unless the live video is muted on Facebook.
  • Links on the Facebook login dialog do not work. If you need to reset your Facebook password, go to on your web browser.