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Go Live on Facebook and share your epic moments!

  • With this update, we've added a streaming button to the top right of the app window.
  • The first time you press the button, you'll be prompted to log in to Facebook and authorize Blizzard Entertainment to post on your behalf.
    • We will never:
      • Post or share anything on your network without your permission.
      • Share your real name with anyone outside your Facebook network.
  • After that, you'll access the Streaming Control Panel, where you can customize your stream if you'd like.
  • In the Settings section, you can access more options for your hotkey, webcam, and audio preferences.
  • Once you launch the game of your choice, you can start your stream by clicking the Start Stream button, or by tapping your hotkey (default is Ctrl-F1).
    • You will see the Live overlay on the top left of your screen.
  • You can end your stream by hitting the hotkey again, or by clicking the End Stream button on the Streaming Control Panel.

Audience Selection

  • You can manage the audience and visibility of each Stream using the Audience selector in the Streaming Control Panel.
  • You can adjust the maximum Audience level in your App Settings on Facebook. To modify the Audience for your stream:
    1. Visit
    2. Select Apps.
    3. Select the Blizzard Entertainment app.
    4. Adjust the App visibility and post audience
    5. Return to the desktop app.
    6. Close and reopen your Streaming Control Panel.
    7. Your Audience selector will be updated to reflect the available audiences for your Streams. 

The Beta

  • We're currently in the Beta phase, so our Stream quality and overall performance is still being optimized.

Note: Streaming is not supported on Windows XP. Additionally, users with low-end systems may have problems streaming. 

Known Issues

  • Streaming is not yet available for Mac.
  • The webcam can't be used for streaming if it's in use by another application.
  • Games may experience a slightly lower frame rate while streaming.
  • Streaming overlays may stop updating.
  • Watching your own stream on Facebook without the Capture in-game audio only option selected may create a feedback loop unless the live video is muted on Facebook.
  • Links on the Facebook login dialog do not work. If you need to reset your Facebook password, go to on your web browser.