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Discord bot Docs

How to use are discord bot!

Usage Guide

The BlizzTrack Discord bot needs a little bot of setup to have it to start posting notifications whenever a new game version is available.
In this guide, we will explain all the commands: what they do and how to use them.


All commands are prefixed with bt!
This is to ensure no other bots listen to the same commands.


The help command will show an up-to-date list of all commands currently available on the bot.
Additionally, this command can show syntax and other information about all commands.


bt!help <command>


Example of bt!help Example of bt!help


This is the command used to setup the update feed for new game versions.
This will post new messages in the current channel every time there's a new version available.


bt!subscribe <game>


Example of bt!subscribe Overwatch


When you no longer want to receive feed updates for a game, you can unsubscribe using this command.
This will only unsubscribe the current channel, not all other channels that have the same game subscription.


bt!unsubscribe <game>


Example of bt!unsubscribe Overwatch

Not everyone knows all the game names on the top of their head, and that's okay! Searching for games is extremely easy with this simple command.


bt!search <game>


Example of bt!search PTR